By hiring with updatemedaily, your money goes further. Work on a contract basis with a top-tier agent or find your next paid employee for a small portion of the recruiter’s price in flexible pricing.


Our Pricing Supremacy

Cut rate is not our style.

We collaborate with each client to design a unique package that fits their spending limit.

The rates are established by the agents, who also keep 100%.

Hiring managers of any business know the total cost upfront and pay only when they begin working with a candidate they like. No additional expenditures are above the rate listed in each agent’s profile because that amount covers all expenses.

Adaptable prices for all sizes of businesses

Flexible and personalized packages are available depending on the agent’s expertise, experience, and your company’s demands.

Hire an IT Professional

  • Ask our senior team to screen and choose candidates for you.
  • Directly employ your top candidates.
  • Pay directly or via updatemedaily.

Monitor Live Agents

  • Chat Support Management
  • Assistance throughout the course of the collaboration.
  • Billing, payment, and hours tracking services.

Become a Chat Support Agent

  • Find the company of your choice.
  • Relish work flexibility.
  • Get paid accordingly.

Unbeatable Pricing Advantages for Your Company’s Success

Flexible Price Options



  • Choose from a variety of flexible pricing options.
  • Pay-as-you-go models, huge savings, or customized packages.
  • Pricing plan that satisfies your particular recruiting requirements.

Transparency in Prices



  • No unexpected charges or hidden fees.
  • Complete transparency of the pricing structure from the beginning.
  • Clear communication for the costs involved in hiring agents through us.

Cost-Effective Pricing



  • Achieve your hiring goals while staying within budget.
  • Quick deployments without compromising on quality.
  • Intuitive UX that enables you to maximize chat support and provide first-rate customer service.