Customer Support Chatbot For Marketing


Live chat designed exclusively for the marketing sector. A robust customer chat support service that aligns with your unique needs. Chatbot for marketing enhance customer engagement, generate leads, and drive the success of your campaigns.

Empower Your Marketing Team with Real-Time Support
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Timely support can be a game-changer. Engage with website visitors and potential clients to provide instant responses to inquiries. Retain the customers during the critical decision-making process. Elevate your marketing campaigns and enhance customer experiences with real-time assistance.
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Manage Your Marketing Projects
Streamline marketing project workflows. Assign, Track, and Complete every project efficiently. Adapt project management to schedule and keep your marketing campaigns on track.

  • Keep Track of the Dedicated Agents Working on Your Project
  • Estimate and View Detailed Customer Reviews for Individual Projects
  • Uncover Top-Rated Agents On Your Project
Modify The Chat Widget According To Your Marketing Preferences
Comprehensive Digital Marketing Services:

Marketing is all about creativity and innovation. As a marketing company center the chat widget theme according to your liking.

  • Choose Widget Design
  • Choose Widget Colors
  • Select Templates
Comprehensive Digital Marketing Services:

Multichannel Integration. A Chat Support System Connected With Existing Marketing Tools and Communication Channels.

Updatemedaily is a chat support service that can integrate with other communication channels. Get omnichannel experience and streamlined data management.

Integrate Your marketing campaign with social media messaging, email, and SMS.


Integrate your existing marketing tools with the Chat Support System.

Instant Solution For Your Customers. Resolve Half and Half Queries At Your Marketing Company With Automated Questionnaire

Updatemedaily offers you a chat widget feature to automatically address the most common problems happening with your customers. Utilize the Bot Questionnaire to handle queries while you are away. 

    • Automatically Answer Marketing FAQs through ChatBot
    • Suggest and Add Your Questions


marketing chat bot

Hire Marketing Agents To Get Maximum Lead Generation

To provide accurate information and help to clients, Agents must be acquainted with your marketing initiatives and offerings. Expand your client base by creating a team qualified to capture leads directly from chat interactions. 

  • Post Marketing Agent Jobs With Descriptions tailored to your company.
  • Select agents with the right expertise to engage with your audience.
  • Filter The Agents based on Country, Language, Level, Pricing, and Available Time slots.
  • Find Agents For Immediate Hiring
  • Find Top Rated Exclusive Agents

Find Out Exactly Where Your business is Having The Best Results And Target global audiences across different time zones

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