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Get an All Roads with Updatemedaily, One Destination for your business growth and success. Updatemedaily offers a customizable Chat Widget, Tracking, Ticketing System, Monitoring, and much more. Get Started!

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Customize Chat Widget

  • Tailor your customer interactions.
  • Align the chat interface perfectly with your brand’s aesthetics.
  • Create a seamless and engaging user experience.

Seamless Ticketing System

Our ticketing system enables efficient resolution of customer issues. Ensure their concerns that are addressed promptly and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

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Automated Questionnaire

An automated questionnaire embedded in our chat widget engages users as soon as they land on your website. Along with capturing their attention at the right moment.

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Tracking, Monitoring, and Analytics

Handle critical aspects of online customer interactions and boost your business growth.

Hire the Best Talent

Onboard Your Agents

Effortlessly onboard your agent team onto the platform.

Monitor and Analyze

Watch your team’s activities in real-time.

Optimize Performance

Utilize the insights from our platform to optimize your agent workforce.

Reach Out for Support

Do you have any questions or need assistance? It only takes a click to contact our support staff. We’re here to ensure your journey with our Agent Management Platform which is smooth and productive.

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