Empower Your Insurance Business with Exceptional Support.

A feature-packed platform to provide exceptional service and streamline your operations. From a customizable chat widget to effortless management of projects and chat agents, get a complete system for staying in control and complete peace of mind.


Insurance, Your Way

  • Customize the chat widget that mirrors your insurance brand’s identity.
  • Enhance user engagement with a widget design that resonates with your insurance services.

Efficiency at Scale: Add and Manage Multiple Projects

  • Streamline your projects with a centralized platform.
  • Handle multiple insurance projects in one place.
  • Coordinate staff assignments and monitor progress.
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Follow and Keep Track of Visitors to Your Site: Benefit from Data-Driven Insights

  • Gain valuable insights into site visitors, their behaviors, and interactions.
  • Enable informed decisions and personalized customer support.
  • Use visitor tracking to optimize user experiences and drive conversions for your insurance services.

Swift and Precise Responses: Add Automated Questionnaire to Instantly Answer Customers

  • Provide immediate answers to common insurance FAQs through an intelligent chatbot.
  • Customize questionnaires to address specific insurance inquiries.
  • Start chats when your business is offline and agents are away.
Query Information Support
Efficient Issue Resolution

Effortless Resolution For High Customer Satisfaction: Ticketing System

  • Manage and resolve insurance service inquiries with an efficient ticketing system.
  • Prioritize and track support tickets to ensure exceptional service delivery for your clients.

Get a Flexible Expertise: Hire Talented Agents on an Hourly Basis

  • Access top-notch talent on an hourly basis, 
  • Scale support during peak hours.
  • Hire system agents to represent your brand with professionalism.
Flexible Workforce Solutions

Add Own Personal Agents for Your Satisfaction and Take a Complete Control of Your Insurance Business

  • Integrate your personal agents into the chat support system to maintain complete control and satisfaction.
  • Ensure your unique brand voice and standards with dedicated agents.
Enhanced Agent Oversight
Monitoring of Agents

Real-Time Monitoring of Agents and Keep Tracking of Work: Performance Insights

  • Track work progress.
  • Monitor response times.
  • Gain real-time insights into agent performance and customer interactions.
  • Optimize your team’s performance to exceed client expectations.

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