Product Roadmap

We continue to innovate and enhance our products. Our focus remains on delivering outstanding customer experiences. Jump in with us to witness firsthand how our Product Roadmap propels you and your customers into a new era of support excellence.

We have some exciting plans and innovations to take your customer handling to the next level. Transparency and continuous improvement are what we are racing for. Our roadmap is a glimpse into the future of what we have in store coming your way.

Current Quarter:Mid 2023

Enhanced Chat Widget Customization

Your agents get options for flexible customization of appearance and functioning of chat widgets to match your brand identity.

AI-Powered Chat Suggestions

We incorporate AI to suggest context-aware responses and improve response times during high-volume chat sessions.

Performance Tracking Revamp

Get a fresh, intuitive design for the performance dashboard, offering real-time insights into chat metrics and agent efficiency.
Upcoming Quarter: End 2023

Chatbot Integration v2.0

We are assembling an integration that will improve human work. Chatbot integration with deeper conversational capabilities will seamlessly handoffs to human agents when needed.

Multilingual Chat Support

It is the 21st century and languages are bringing nations together. Reach a broader audience with multilingual support as we are soon enabling agents to communicate with customers in their preferred languages

Intelligent Routing Options

Our next goal is to create AI-driven routing algorithms. Connecting customers with the most suitable agents based on their query and agent availability.
2024 Goals

Video Chat Integration

Video chat support will allow agents to have more personalized interactions with customers. This will beautifully handle complex queries and demonstrations.

Smart Knowledge Base Integration

Chat widget will get access to the Knowledge Base directly. This will provide agents with quick access to accurate information during interactions.
Beyond 2024

Real-time Language Translation

Incorporate real-time language translation capabilities, breaking language barriers for global customer support.

Voice Assistant Integration

Integrate with voice assistants, allowing customers to interact with the chat widget through voice commands for added convenience.