Take your customer service to the next level with Updatemedaily

With Updatemedaily’s live chat platform, you can provide an excellent customer experience. Get access to a quick live chat widget and essential features that simplify all customer interactions. Convert website traffic into clients and respond to consumer questions in real-time. You can increase client interaction, save time, and concentrate peacefully on your core business matters.

Introducing Updatemedaily: How You Can Manage Your Business with Seamless Online Management

From customization of chat widgets to getting business analytics, Updatemedaily offers you a vast variety of features in the product. 

  • Customizable Chat Widget
  • Project Management and Organization
  • Visitor Tracking and Analytics
  • Automated Questionnaire for Instant Customer Assistance
  • Ticketing System for Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
  • Flexible Hourly Agent Hiring
  • Real-time Agent Monitoring 
  • Personalized Agent Integration
  • Performance Tracking

Add and Customize Chat Widget According to Your Business

Updatemedaily offers a flexible platform where you can design your chat widget in alignment with your brand identity. Customize its appearance, language, and functionality to create a unique, on-brand experience for your customers. Stand out in the online crowd with a widget that speaks directly to your audience.
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Realtime Project tracking to keep your business in line

Stay ahead of the game with Updatemedaily’s real-time project tracking feature. Monitor the progress of ongoing projects. Keep an eye on deadlines and make sure the tasks are completed efficiently and on time. Visualize project timelines, milestones, and achievements. Get empowered with the insights needed for strategic decision-making.
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Real-time Agent tracking to improve customer satisfaction and drive business success.

A business with agents to deal with online customers is not enough. Boost your company’s efficiency with agent monitoring. With Updatemedaily’s real-time agent tracking, watch out for agent activities, response times, and number of customer interactions. Gain valuable insights into agent performance which will enable you to optimize workflows, enhance productivity, and deliver exceptional customer service consistently.
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HRMS system for managing Chat Agents

Efficiently manage your chat agents with Updatemedaily’s integrated Human Resource Management System (HRMS). Streamline agent onboarding, track performance, and provide necessary training and resources—all from a centralized platform. Foster a motivated, well-trained team of chat agents dedicated to representing your brand effectively.
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Deploy your own agents

Take control of your online presence by deploying skilled agents through Updatemedaily. Handpick experienced professionals who understand your business spirit and customer base. Integrate the live chat agents into your business operations. Align them with your brand values to provide a cohesive and authentic customer experience.
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“I was having a lot of trouble managing my online business matters. I couldn’t focus on anything because I was trapped badly in dealing with unprofessional agents. For me, Updatemedaily was a game-changer. Customer interaction was increased and my brand’s reputation was raised. Thanks to their customizable chat agent and agent monitoring features.”


Why update me daily is the best choice?

Choosing the best approach is essential for enhancing your company’s online exposure. Updatemedaily is providing a complete solution to improve your online client and customer interactions. Our platform is just the right place to begin your online business journey. You can increase customer satisfaction, build a solid web presence, and beat the competition by working with us.