Introducing Live Chat Support for Legal Marketing Businesses and Law Firms

Be at the forefront of legal support innovation. Transform the way your firm, marketing agencies, and businesses engage with clients. Customer Support Live Chat is the key to delivering impeccable support and achieving unparalleled customer satisfaction. It’s time to raise the bar in the legal industry with a suite of powerful features.

Legal Excellence, Your Way. Customize the Chat Widget. Choose Colors, themes, templates, and more. Create a widget design that reflects your legal expertise.

Power of Connection Where Client Engagement Meets Excellence

  • Engage with potential clients in real-time. 
  • Address their inquiries promptly 
  • Guide them through your services.
  • Build trust and loyalty.

Utilize the Ticketing System to Prioritize and track support tickets to ensure exceptional service delivery for your clients.

Unlock a world of opportunities with lead generation expertise. Turning clicks into clients.

  • Converting website visitors into leads and clients. 
  • Get chat agents to turn inquiries into actionable leads.
  • Access top-tier talent for your legal services on an hourly basis.
  • Find agents and integrate them into the chat support system.
  • Uphold your unique brand voice and standards with dedicated agents.
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A cost-efficient alternative to hiring additional full-time staff. Get more value for your investment.

Navigate IT Business

Navigate Business Success with Project Management-Powered Live Chat Support

  • Track Visitors
  • Add or remove Projects
  • Assign tasks to agents based on expertise.
  • Set and track deadlines.
  • Optimize agent resources for maximum productivity.
  • Monitor project progress in real-time.
  • Provide clients with regular updates on project status.

Your Legal Lifeline, 24/7
Always On Your Side!

  • Keep your website always open for inquiries, 
  • Assist visitors even outside traditional office hours.
  • Implement a chatbot to provide immediate answers.
  • Add, suggest, and Customize questionnaires to ask specific questions.

Stand out in the legal industry by offering a modern, convenient, and efficient communication channel. Show potential clients that you’re committed to providing the best service.

Unlock Your Full Potential with Agent Mastery in Live Chat Excellence

  • Monitor agent performance in real-time.
  • How many chats are answered by agents?
  • What is the average response time of agents?
  • Find top-rated agents for a project.
  • Supervise chat interactions to maintain quality standards.
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Capture data on chat interactions. Leverage visitor tracking to optimize user experiences. Refine your marketing strategies and drive conversions for your legal services.

Avail the best of Updatemedaily features

Dedicated Chat Agents

Dedicated Chat Agents

Get experienced agents to ensure a seamless client experience.


Customized Chat Scripts

Get customized chat scripts that align with your brand’s voice and specific service offerings.


Lead Generation

Identify potential leads and gather essential client information. Grow your client base.

Dedicated Chat Agents


Integrate the Live Chat Support System with your existing CRM tools and software.


Analytics and Reporting

Access real-time analytics and detailed reports to make data-driven decisions.


Social Media Integration

Connect your favorite apps with live chat. Make it convenient for your customers to contact you.

Take the first step towards revolutionizing your legal marketing business. Contact us now to schedule a consultation and discover how Live Chat Support can transform your business.