Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur is not always an easy task. It takes ages to reach success and earn some good name. Running a successful business is a dream of every individual but few people get a chance to actually achieve something in life.  Success does not come to you in one night or a day. Success and achievement demand a lot of effort, hard work, and patience.

“To any entrepreneur: if you want to do it, do it now. If you don’t, you’re going to regret it.” – Catherine Cook, co-founder of MyYearbook.

Successful businessmen start, manage and grow their business by taking initiative, having imagination and taking risks. Einstein was sent to home as he had unstoppable imaginations for physics. Later he developed theories that unlocked the secrets of time and universe.  According to the research, it is believed that there are some characteristics that are common to all entrepreneurs. This article is going to discuss those characteristics that help in achieving a greater level of success as a businessman.

Passion and Motivation

Passion and motivation is something that can lead you towards a great success. Passion and motivation are the most common traits that can be seen in world’s most famous and successful businessmen. You can never achieve anything in life if you are not enough motivated about that specific idea. Passion is love passion is an idea of sacrificing anything for your aim. If you are passionate about something you will:

  • Do that thing over and over again
  • Your passion won’t let you sleep at night if you haven’t finished it yet
  • You always urge to improve that thing over and over again
  • You always enjoy doing that thing so much that you want to do it all your life.

To achieve something greater in life it is very much important to be passionate about that specific thing. If you are thinking of starting a business you must go with the thing you are passionate about. It can be anything, cooking, painting, physics, teaching, medicine, science. Literally anything, but it can give you incredible benefits in future.

“If you just work on stuff that you like and you’re passionate about, you don’t have to have a master plan with how things will play out.” – Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook.


Confidence is an important trait that can lead an individual to the great success. Entrepreneurs with the high level of confidence are capable enough to do their job done even under stressful conditions. They understand their challenges and work accordingly. They do not worry about the problems or the challenges as they are aware that they are capable enough to cope with that. They are confident that knowledge they have will give them ultimate success.

Positive attitude:

The ability and willingness to try and fail and try again with more passion are one the qualities that every successful entrepreneur has in common. Many popular businesses we see today were once just a failure. The Apple Company by Steve Jobs was once about to be bankrupt but it refreshed and gained ultimate success. Bill Gates is another example who has come so far from failure now once faced so many problems in his business. Your positive attitude can lead you towards ultimate success. Do not lose hope even if you are in your downfall; do not think that this is an end. After all, night always follows by a beautiful morning.

“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.”-Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company.


Creativity is another characteristic of successful entrepreneurs. New and innovative services and products are always great and become popular in no time. The innovativeness in the idea must be problem-solving enough improve the lives of people. Successful businessmen come up with the new ideas and end up developing a product or service those standouts in the market and gain ultimate popularity among their customers.

 Strong people skills

The entrepreneur must have strong communication skills to sell the product and motivate their employees. Most successful businessmen know how to communicate and motivate their employees to grow the business overall. They are very good at highlighting the benefits of any situation and coaching others to their success. Communication skills do not only involve the communication with the employees but also with the customers. Customer engagement is very important especially in this era when customers are well known for their value. If you do not have proper communication with your customers you will never gain any success in business.

Not Afraid to Take Risks

Success in business can only become by a greater level of risk-taking. When you think of developing a unique product the first thing you should think of is uncertainty you are going to face in the business. Successful businessmen are willing to take risk their money and time in order to achieve something important and bigger in life. Their positive attitude helps them to cope with the risks and they enjoy success later.

“If you’re not a risk taker, you should get the hell out of business.” – Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald’s.

Adaptable and Flexible

Being dedicated and passionate is important, but being inflexible about the customer or market needs will lead to the failure. Remember, an entrepreneurial venture is not only about doing what you believe is good but it also requires making a successful business out of it. Successful businessmen are welcome all suggestions and face all the challenges with an open heart. They are ready for any change and optimization or customization that may enhance their offering and satisfy client and market needs.


Competitive is another trait that can be seen in many successful businessmen today. Many businesses are formed because an entrepreneur knows that they can do a better job than their competitor. They use latest techniques to stand out in the market. They have a unique set of strategies that help them to astound among their competitors.

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” – Albert Einstein, physicist.


Everyone in this era wants to achieve success but very few of us actually can. This article highlights the important characteristics commonly found in successful entrepreneurs all around the globe from past till today. These characteristics are very important to be followed if you are planning to start a business. Keep in mind that success doesn’t come in one day or a night it requires patience and determination.

Important Factors to Consider When Starting a Home Based Business

The idea of home-based business is trending gradually. More people are going towards home-based business as this business idea provides maximum benefits in efficient productive manner. Home-based business helps in tax costs and provides a lot of time. It allows you create your own schedules and tax breaks. These benefits are incomparable but growing a home-based business can be difficult.

Many large enterprises that are well-known today started as a home-based business. Apple, Hershey’s and Ford Motors are the examples of the companies that started as a home-based business and gained ultimate success.

If you are planning to start a home-based business, we have got you some of the most useful tips that you should consider before you start your home-based business.

“I don’t measure a man’s success by how high he climbs but how high he bounces when he hits bottom”. – George S. Patton

Evaluate Your Space

The most important step you need to take is the proper space evaluation. Your home might be the best place to start a business but it should be professional. If your business demands meeting with the employees and customers then you have to set up your place accordingly. If you are providing online services like social media consultancy then there’s set your office accordingly.

You should keep in mind that your area running a business is not forbidden as it might be a great issue. You can move to a place that is more suitable for your business and well comfortable for you to live in.

 A company name

Before you start your home-based business you must think about the company’s name. The name of your company must describe the products you are selling. You can also keep the company’s name as more like abstract to get more attention from your customers. Your company’s name must be unique enough and should not be taken by any other business.

 A company structure

Understanding the structure of your business is a most crucial step. While setting a structure and working according to it will give more clarity to your business and help you maintain your business. You have to decide whether it is a sole trader, limited company or a partnership. It is very important to understand the structure of your business in order to complete paperwork and other important tasks. The structure of your business will let you know about the taxes you are going to pay, the profit and the loss with regard to the investments.

Set a Schedule

 Once you are done with the space, name, and structure of the business, it is the time to start working on the actual thing. It is very important to make a plan and schedule every important task to carry out astonishing results. Business scheduling requires the planning of total business hours you are going to provide to your business. Organize your tasks according to the preferences. It also includes the hours you are going to work on task completion and the hours you are going to fully devote to your customers to increase maximum engagement.


Your home-based business requires some of the basic equipment. Your equipment may include fast internet connection, computer system, a printer and a mobile phone. Other equipment may vary according to the products you are selling; you may also need a professional camera with good picture quality results. Work with your purchases and try to get all the high-quality equipment in order to get a better result and avoid uncertainty.

Marketing materials

The success of a business solely depends on the marketing. If you are running a business and no one knows about it you will never get any success. Marketing materials may include the flyers and the business cards. Home-based business requires a lot of marketing as it is mostly on a small scale and most of the people need to know about it. You can make a professional website for your business as it gives an edge to the business. If you are at the initial stage and low at finances then you can also use Facebook as a marketing medium for your business. There are plenty of social media platforms offering great opportunities to reach out to new potential customers without investing anything more than your effort and time.

A business bank account

It is crucial to keep your personal and the business finances completely separate. Your bank account will let you know about your profits and your spending. The bank account will also help you in savings and plan a budget. Also, it will help you in your business expansion with the savings and little extra you save.

Keep Your Personal Life Separate

The biggest barrier to home-based business is work-family life balance. it is very hard to maintain a balance between your work life and your family life when you are doing work from home. When you are working from the actual office you can easily manage to leave your home for your working hours but at home, it is quite difficult and different. You have to find a way to stay away from any unexpected problem or emergency.Work-life balance is very much important for the success of your business as well as it benefits your personal life and your mental health.

“Opportunity does not knock, it presents itself when you beat down the door”. – Kyle Chandler


Home-based business requires a lot of efforts to achieve success. It is very important to understand the factors that can be helpful for the businesses to get good results. In this article we have discussed some of the most important elements that should be taken under consideration while planning a home-based business. This article is helpful for anyone thinking of starting a home-based business and can give in-depth about some of the most crucial factors.

Benefits of Starting A Home-based Business

Home-based businesses are getting popularity in past recent years. Home-based businesses allow you to achieve success from your own place. There are so many benefits in starting your business from home. Starting a business from your home can help you in earning a lot of revenue without worrying about paying a lot of taxes.

In this article, we are going to discuss few of the benefits that you can enjoy while working from home.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken”. – Oscar Wilde

Provides you more time:

Working at home enables you to work little extra by providing you more time. It cuts the time of meetings, traveling from home to office, interactions, and distractions. That allows some extra time and you can complete your work on time without spending extra time. The more time at work gives you more revenue production.

Tax benefits:

The tax benefit of working from home is astonishing and incomparable. You just have to invest a little to qualify as a business and it will grant you a huge edge in business.  Your home must be your principal place for work and you can eliminate specific amounts of the total expense which are directly related to your business. You can control your depreciation and operating expenses while handling business from home.

More Freedom.

Home-based business not only gives you extra time to manage your work but also provides you with a lot of freedom. You are your own boss at home and no one controls you. You can work as you want without being over stressed about deadlines. Remember success only comes with consistency and efficiency so keep yourself up to date and do not be lazy in the completion of tasks. The home-based business provides you with extra time for your personal life.

Less risk.

Home-based business does not require a huge amount of investments. You don’t require a lot of startup amount that means you have little to no risk of loss. Even if your business is not doing well you will not face a lot of loss or risk. The home-based business is cheaper and easier to manage as compared to huge enterprises and corporations.

“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones”. – Confucius

More Personal Time

Home-based business gives you extra time that can be utilized with your friends or family or your personal life. It is not obligatory for you to do all the tasks at once, you can set up your own deadline and work according to that. Home-based business opens the doors of opportunity with most flexible manner. Also if your business is doing well you can extend it and hire staff to help you with the business.

Less stress.

A home-based business is little less stressful as you have to work at your own place. You can take care of your family and work at the same time. When you don’t have a boss to order you around you are naturally more comfortable and relax. Working in relaxation can help you in being more productive.

More creativity:

Working from home allows you to be your own boss that means you can be more creative with the ideas. You can try new business ideas and think out of the box. The more creative and innovative you are, a unique product you will invent that will lead you towards an ultimate success.

“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure”. – Bill Cosby

More opportunities:

Being your own boss makes you more responsible and you try to work more efficiently and progressively. Home-based business requires your expertise in all of the aspects; marketing, accounting, manufacturing and delivering. This makes you master of all trades opening new doors of opportunities for you that can be helpful for you in future.

Bottom line:

The trend of home-based business is rising day by day and it can give you an edge in competition. in this article, we have discussed some of the most important benefits that can be enjoyed while working from home.

Home-based Business Ideas for Retirees:

The home-based business is perfect not only for the students, youngsters but for the retirees too. Starting a business after retirement is a great idea. Retirement is the time when you want to feel comfortable and enjoy rest of your life but what if you are enjoying your life with great comfort and income from home.

In this article, we are going to talk about the home-based business ideas that perfectly well suit on retirees. These business ideas will lead you towards the great amount of earning opportunities.

“Choose a work that you love and you won’t have to work another day”_Confucius

Write Books

If you are fond of writing then writing books is the great idea as it is according to your interest level and it will increase your knowledge immensely. You just have to read several books in order to understand the writing sequence. It will enable you to have a correct understanding of writing. Write the book about your personal experiences, interests or books related to fantasies. Book publication can lead you an edge of earnings if it becomes a best seller. This home-based business is best for passing your time and it also helps people improving their lives.

Sell the Good Old Stuff

We all love collecting things when we are young and no doubt we love our collections so much. There is a time when we feel like sharing our beautiful collections with younger people. Old things become ancient with time and gain a lot of worth. If you are a retiree and you have a bundle of collections that you cannot use, you got an opportunity to resale your valuable assets to people of younger age.

This is not a proper home-based business plan as once you sold your goods you won’t be able to do continue with that. However, this is the best way to increase your earnings and get rid of old stuff to buy a new one. You can also be little more creative and design clothes or jewelry and start selling them.

 Professional Speaker

If you are a retired person, you must be having a lot of experience related to different aspects of life. If you love speaking and helping people then you must opt your career as a professional speaker. Your speech can inspire, teach or influence anyone. You can arrange a workshop at your own place and invite an audience to your place.

This is the best profession for retired people and it can help a lot of people with their life. This profession will not only help other people in improving their lives but it will also help you in staying busy and spending most of the time in performance productivity. This profession can lead you towards popularity and good income.

Tutor Kids

Your experience might be enough for you to start teaching and giving lectures. If you like spending time with kids then it is the great idea to teach them and earn handsome amount. It requires some basic teaching skills and time. This home-based business can give you a lot of earnings and also you can spend a pleasant time with your students. Other than that, teaching is the best profession and you get a lot of request out of this profession. This job can easily be done from home you just need to give proper time to your students and be honest with your skills and provide them with the best knowledge.

Share your Space

If you own a big place then renting out is a brilliant idea. You can also renovate your house if you want some extra space and it will be perfect to rent out. If you do not own a big house then you can sell some extra stuff. It will not only lead you to make extra space but also little extra income by selling extra assets. This is one of the best home-based ideas for retired people as they can enjoy the company of others as well as little income too.

Sell Home Made Foods

Everyone is fond of eating homemade delicious food. If you love cooking you can be expert in this business and earn quite a lot of income. You can cook food at home and sell it at offices via home delivery service. This home-based business can lead you towards great profitability. This business requires great care of hygiene. Cooking is an art itself and this job is very interesting and perfect for retired people as it can give them really good time and earnings.


Retired people have a lot of knowledge and experience about most of the aspects and they can be very good consultants. There are so many areas in which expert’s consultancies are required. You can choose the area best suited according to your expertise and experience. This profession is best for the retirees as they are incorporated with knowledge and information. This home-based business can lead you towards great success even after your retirement.


This home-based business idea is good for people who are fond of children. Being a babysitter is a little bit harder as it takes responsibilities and extra care. You must understand the sensitivity of this job. This job also requires a lot of patience as children are sometimes very stubborn and difficult to handle. You can start this job at your own place. You can earn a lot of money with this business and you need nothing to invest. Just be very careful with hygiene and take good care of every minor task in handling kids.

Dress Designer

Everyone loves designing. If you are a retiree and you have the good sense of fashion then you can convert this creativity in business. Design dresses for your clients you can also provide tailoring services as it will help you earn extra money. Dress designing is one of the most creative, innovative and fun business ideas. You just need to be creative to carry out this business and you can easily start it at your home without investing too much.

Makeup Artist

If you are fond of doing makeup and you can do it on your friends’ then you should turn it into a profession. Being a retired person means you are very much experience in this art. Experience in any aspect makes you a pro and give you an edge in business. This business is great for earning as well as it will help you to pass your time and make new friends. Again you have to take care of few essential elements of hygiene. Patience is another key to this business.

“When a man retires, his wife gets twice the husband but only half the income”_Chi Chi Rodriguez


This article has discussed some of the home-based business ideas for retired people. These business ideas can help you to start a business and it does not require a lot of investments. These ideas will also help the retirees to spend their time without feeling alone. Retirees must spend their time being productive as they sometimes predict themselves as incompetent due to their age factor and retirement. This article helps retirees by discussing business ideas that can easily be taken out.

Most Useful Productivity Tools For Managing Businesses

Technology helps people in every aspect of their life. From our daily routine life to our complex business maintenance technology plays a vital role in each every task. Technology has made our life so easy that we are now able to manage critical business tasks through advanced technology and cloud computing. Now you are able to control the infrastructure and business complexities by one click.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the most important productivity tools that can be helpful in managing your home-based business.


Slidely is the best tool to manage and create slideshows for your business presentations. It imports pictures from your social media platforms like Facebook, Flickr, Google images and Instagram. It creates slideshows with special effects and themes. After the slideshow is completed you can use deploy it on social media pages. It really helps you in promoting your small home-based business and displaying the products and services you are offering to your customers.

Pogo Connect

Pogo Connect is an electronic stylus that turns your iPad into a notebook so that you can easily take important notes about your business or schedule a task on one go. It is incorporated with Bluetooth technology, inbuilt battery. It also has a pogo app that allows you to find your pogo stylus. It also includes the clip so that you can attach your pogo connect to your iPads cover.


Crushpath is a mobile app that helps you in managing your content. You can design your content easily with this app. It helps you to maintain the content for your business in most effective and inexpensive way. It enables you to maintain and optimize your business’s website. crushpath also helps you to market your business and stay connected with your potential customers.


Asana is a web and mobile application designed to help teams track their tasks. This web-based software works to improve team collaboration. It is easy to use software and allows users to manage projects and tasks online without the use of email. Asana includes various useful features like project management, file storage and collaboration across team members. This app helps you in organizing your tasks into projects, for roadmaps and timeline, reviewing the teams’ progress, getting notified about the projects and breaking your work down into tasks assigning it to team members. Asana is most easy to use the app with a simple layout and costs. It is free of cost for teams up to 15 members. Its premium price starts from $8.33 per month.


Share file is the best tool to manage your files and store them safely. This tool is available for almost all mobile devices including windows phone, blackberry, iOS, and Android. It has various features including unlimited client accounts, unlimited storage, and 24/7 customers support. It also provides security to your files by providing the feature of encryption. It also has other features like outlook support and desktop synchronization.

Appy Pie

If you are running a small business or home-based business, you are surely in need to promote your business and for that purpose, you have to develop a mobile app for your business. Appy Pie is most easy to use and reliable app that will develop a mobile app for your business. Not only it develops apps it will also test your mobile apps in the cloud. This app enables you to test the prototype. To test their look and feel before launching them.


Clarizen is project management software and collaborative work Management Company. This tool uses the software as a service business model. It contains several features like; attaching CAD drawings to a project, moving between project view and design view and an email reporting feature.

Clarizen can handle an unlimited number of projects, it provides with automated and repeatable processes alerts and workflows. It also provides a feature of social collaboration, it can track your budget and helps you management expense. Clarizen is easy to use software and costs $60 per month.

 Business Plan Blueprint

It is very important for a business to be professional enough with the content as well as an astonishing display of the services or products it is delivering. Business plan blueprint helps you in accessing your competitive position, planning sales and doing marketing for your business. This is one of all tools that will help you in organizing and managing your business. It also provides sample plans to help its users to understand how the tool works. It provides you the solid plan for your business and gives you astonishing outcomes.

Bottom line:

While running a business it is very important to keep the maintenance and help your business grow. With the latest technology, you can now manage your business. In this article, we have discussed some of the most important tools that can help you with your business management that will end in business growth.

Interesting Ideas For Starting A Home-based Business

Working from home can be a great fun. Home-based business is the best the best way to earn profits and make your life more productive and active. Home-based businesses require a lot of effort at initial phase but once it started getting identification it starts to get astonishing results.

Home-based businesses always require some technicalities but this type of businesses are easy to handle. You can start a business according to the expertise you have. You don’t have to be highly qualified with academic degrees in order to start a home-based business. It can be anything you are good at, or you love to do like; sketching, writing, cooking, designing, taking care of pets or anything of your interest.

In this article, we have discussed most fun business ideas that you can do with the minimal budget without being too much technical and distress.

  1. Party Planner

If you have a good sense about parties and you have a lot of ideas then this might be the best home based business idea for you. People often are in need of help in planning events. From baby showers to wedding parties, they need someone to plan an event that will stand out. If you are good at making plans and enjoy working with a variety of people then this business is well-suited for you. It can easily be managed from home.

2. Home Daycare Provider

Do you love kids? If you are capable of taking care of kids and you if you think kids are always comfortable in your company then this job is just perfect for you. You can consider starting a daycare where you can provide the daycare facility for children at your own home. This home-based business requires a lot of attention and care as it involves children so be aware of that. this home-based business is fun and it will give you a good company with little children as well as you can earn a handsome amount of monetary assets with this business.

3. Clothing Designer

If you are good at designing your own clothes then you can also be a designer for others. Whether you stitch your gowns from scratch or just design simple shirts. There are plenty of designing opportunities and this can easily be handled from your own place. You just need to have an internet connection to interact with your clients and display your designs on online forums. The other quality that you must have in order to be a good designer is creative. Create unique designs that will attract your clients. This home-based business is most profitable and budget friendly.

4. Jewelry Maker

This is another idea of home-based business related to designing. If you are creative and you can make a unique and delicate piece of art then this job is excellent for you. Accessories remain in trend always and the number of customers for beautiful jewelry always rises. If your jewelry is beautiful and unique then you are most likely to get a lot of potential customers and demand. This home-based business will give an edge to your lifestyle. You just need to be innovative with your design and interactive with your customers through internet or meetings.

5. Interior Designer

Anyone with the good sense of style can offer interior designing services to their clients. If you love redesigning your home, then this is your platform. This home-based business does not require extra office and can easily be done from home. This is the most fun home-based business and it can give you a lot of popularity in long term. This home-based business just requires brainstorming to get different ideas and an administrative work from home. This business can be really helpful in earning good profits and revenues in most fun ways.

6. Social Media Consultant

Social media is gaining a lot of popularity and there are so many social media platforms now like; Twitter Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and several others. People now use social media for their businesses as it is the best way to stay connected with their customers and clients. Several businesses need a consultant for their social media pages. You can be one if you are well-known about the basics of social media and little research on the internet can help you a lot with that purpose. You can help the businesses to carry out great growth and by providing them social media strategies and expertise. This is the easiest and fun home-based business with a lot of profit margin and benefits.

7. Baker

If you love spending time in your kitchen and show your creativeness with culinary skills then you should start thinking of choosing this home-based business. This home-based business just requires professional equipment and internet connection to stay connected with your clients and takes orders for your bakeries. You can also sell your baked goods to the local stores or online on social media platforms. This business is most fun and you will love selling your creations on low budget and high profits.

8. Florist

This is one of my favorite home-based business ideas. Anyone who loves nature would gladly opt with this home-based business idea. Creating beautiful flower arrangements is a fun activity, it can relieve your stress level and make you feel good. You can turn this beautiful activity into a great business by selling flower arrangements you create at your home. For this home-based business, you just require a little area where you can grow your flowers and unique ideas to arrange them. The Internet is going to be a great help for you with this home-based business as you can take ideas through the internet. As well as you can interact with your customers and take orders or display your work there.

9. Dance Instructor

Everyone loves dancing. If you have a little background in dance you can easily assist your clients by arranging classes from home. You can set a formal studio at home and help them in learning beautiful moves. You can do administrative work from home. You can also be an instructor for the children or adults who love dancing. This is a fun home-based business and helps a lot in gaining profits and revenues.

10.   Personal Stylist

If you have a fashion sense and love to arrange your wardrobe then you can do this for your clients as well. You can offer your services to personal stylists and help them build their wardrobes. You can help them in their personal grooming. This job is a personal advisor and it will give you a lot of exposure as well as popularity and profits.


This article has discussed some of the most interesting home-based business ideas that can be managed from home. So if you are thinking of starting a home-based business on the low budget and fewer technicalities, this article is going to help you with that. These ideas are very practical and can be taken out by anyone interested in starting home-based business ideas.

Launch A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign with These Tips

Crowdfunding is the process of raising money for a new business project. In crowdfunding large amount of people supports a particular project and give funds for the project so that the project will be successfully launched. Crowdfunding is mostly done via internet. It is very important to know the tips and guidelines to be successful in a crowdfunding campaign. This article is going to discuss all the important tips to successfully launch your crowdfunding project.

There are several websites that support crowdfunding. Many people raise funds from crowdfunding campaigns and launch their businesses successfully but there are always some useful tips and tricks that can lead a campaign towards achievements or failure. The important guidelines to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign are discussed here.

I think that crowdfunding has become such a powerful tool to tell stories that might not find financing otherwise – like a dark comedy about infidelity, for example!”_Kit Williamson

Background of Your Project:

First of all, you have to give details about your project. Share your idea, how the idea came to your mind. Share who you are, what are your plans for your project. Tell the audience that how you are going to convert an idea into a useful product. Also, mention the money, your project needs to be completed. Your story will give legitimacy and credibility to your project.  Your story should be relevant to the product you are supposed to launch. It should also mention the need for the product you are working on. Make sure that your new innovative product is unique enough to stand out from competitors. Your project that has to be launched must be robust enough to contribute the environment. This will gain the maximum interest of investors to support your idea.

Give proper information about your new launch. Attach relevant images to give a detailed review of your product. You can make an impressive video of the product. Make sure that the video quality is high-end. Your video must be descriptive and clear the picture of the idea you are going to launch. Also, use descriptive clear images of the product.

Your story is the first step to attract your supporters. Remember if your story is not conveying your idea then it is of no use. If you want to successfully launch your crowdfunding campaign then your story must be attractive, unique, descriptive and detailed.

 Reward Offerings:

Your supporter will back the project if they think it is worthwhile and be contributing a part to make the environment better. But it is really important to mention the rewards and benefits the investors going to enjoy for supporting your project. Be relevant and to-the-point so the investors are clear about the rewards they are going to have. Be honest about the price points and the rewards, do not lie to your backers. Be realistic about the rewards you are promising to your supporters. Do not promise anything that will cause you problems and ends up in failing to deliver what you promised.

“Crowdfunding as an idea itself isn’t new – bands have been doing it since the dawn of time”._ Amanda Palmer

Identify your funding Goal

At this point, you have to be precise about the money that is needed to launch your project. You should know the worth of your project and how much investors will be willing to back your project. You can attract a lot of people towards your projects but all of them will not support your project. Be realistic and also be honest with this part. You should also mention the redemption process if you fail to raise enough funds to launch your project. This will help you gain the trust of your backers. This is very important to know that once you stated the funding goal you won’t be able to alter it again to be accurate in the first place.

 Promote you Project:

It is crucial to promote your campaign once you have decided to launch your innovative idea. There are excellent ways to promote your project.

  • You can do it via social media
  • Write blogs about your project
  • Use video promotions via YouTube
  • Arrange an invent to create more awareness about the project.

It is not possible for your crowdfunding campaign to be successful if you are not doing promotions for it. Promotion is an important part to market your campaign. You have to devote your time to the promotions. Increase awareness about your project as it will lead you to a large number of supporters and help you in gaining great publicity.

Update your backers on your project

You should keep updating your supporters about the project. If your project is having some progress, let your investors know about that progress. if you are not giving details about the updates of your project. Your investors are most likely to lose interest and they will stop funding your project any further.

Be honest about the progress, if the project is not going the way you decided, let your investors know about it. It is not your fault if your idea is not getting enough attention but be realistic and honest about the progress details with your supporters.

Manufacture your product:

Once you have collected enough funds for the project to be launched, the next step is to manufacture your product. Manufacturing part plays an important role in a crowdfunding campaign. You must keep in mind to fulfill all the promising and obligations you made about your project. Find the best manufacturer for your product. Do not compromise on the quality of the product. Your product must deliver maximum benefits to the customers.

Fulfill your promise

Once your product is launched, you have gained more responsibility to fulfill the promise that you have made. The promise of rewards to your investors and the promise of quality that should be delivered to the customers. You are responsible for the new product and you should take care that it doesn’t harm the environment at any cost.

“A nation that destroys its soil destroys itself” Franklin D Roosevelt.

The promises you have to your investors about the rewards must be fulfilled. Communicate with your supporters and make sure to deliver all the perks you promised them. You backers will support you even more if you give them importance at the first place. Your campaign can only be successful if you deliver whatever you promised, whether it is the rewards to your investors or the product with all the promised attributes to the customers.


Crowdfunding is the easiest way to raise funds for your projects. But this method is not always used as the project initiators forget the major tips to make your project stand out. In this article, we have discussed the useful tips that will help you make your crowdfunding campaign successful. These tips are useful for anyone thinking of starting launching a new project with crowdfunding.

An Elucidation of Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is an implementation of funding a venture or a project by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typical this practice happens via internet. Crowdfunding is a type of crowd-sourcing or of, alternative finance. In 2015, it was approximated that worldwide over the US $34 billion was raised this way.  The term crowdfunding refers to Internet-mediated registries. Crowdfunding makes use of the easy approachability of vast networks of people through social media and crowdfunding websites, it helps in bringing up the investors and entrepreneurs together.  crowdfunding has a capability of increasing entrepreneurship by extending the pool of investors from whom funds can be raised beyond the typical cycle of owners, relatives and ventures capitalists.

The practice of crowdfunding can be carried off by three main types of actors:

The Project Initiator:


Project initiator is an individual who brings up an idea or project to be funded, a person who comes up with the new business idea, related to technology, real estates, education, fashion industry etc.

Individuals or Groups Who Support The Idea:


There are groups of people or individuals who support the project initiators and invest in their new ideas related to business. Their investments can be in small amounts or percentage or it can be in large amount depending on their convenience. Once the idea is formed into a business, the investors get the invented product or service on discounts, some of the platforms provide the investor with lifetime financial benefits and profits in percentage.

Moderating Organization (the platform) That Brings The Parties Together to Launch Ideas:

There are various websites supporting crowdfunding and working with business ideas, these websites are referred as platforms or moderating organizations that brings up the project initiators and individuals or group who support the idea and invest in their businesses, together. the most popular platforms working with crowdfunding are Razoo, Crowdrise, and GoFundMe.

How Crowdfunding Works:

Most crowdfunding projects are reward-based, where investors get to participate in the launch of new product or service, and in return for their investment, they get rewards in the form of launched products or gifts. For example; a project initiator of an organic shampoo will send a free sample product to each of his investors. People love to support new business ideas as it gets them free products with their launch.

Equity crowdfunding is getting vast popularity among investors, equity-based crowdfunding can be defined as a process where people invest in the early-staged unlisted enterprise (the business that is not listed in the stock market yet) in interchange for shares in that company. A shareholder gets partial ownership of that company he invested to and enjoys the profit when the company makes earnings. Investors in equity-based crowdfunding are regulated by Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of that particular country where the new organization or company is being formed.


Crowdfunding is a great way to improve economic conditions of a country, as it supports the development of new businesses when new businesses are developed, they give chance and opportunities for new jobs, more companies, large small enterprises and thus helps in building up economy and assets of the state. Crowdfunding has been mainly used to fund a wide range of non-profit entrepreneurial businesses such as; innovative and artistic projects, technology, medical, travel and community-oriented social entrepreneurial projects.

Leading e-commerce Platforms in 2018

Businesses always help communities to grow, but it is always a hassle to make your business level ideal and successful. People want to get to know the business, products, services, brand and who’s behind that brand when it comes to business. It is difficult to establish an empire, achieve a business goal and get enough market. At the initial stage, businesses tend to do great effort to inaugurate the gates of success for their businesses, they have to follow proper business development process, target right audience, promote their brand, develop trust among customers and then their businesses start to achieve customers and profits.

As technology is advancing, the internet has taken all over the place, people use the internet not only to stay connected with their customers but also to manage their routine life tasks. From tracking their health, to track their desire location everything happens on one click. Online shopping has enjoyed a greater level of success, customers stay more connected to their favorite brand through the internet. It is sometimes very hard for an online brand to be executed in a profitable manner; businesses have to make a great effort in order to do that. Online businesses require a higher level of efforts in order to be accepted by their online customers, in order to do that the first step is to develop trust among their customers. Customers never want to waste their money on a product that has low quality and higher cost, this is the reason why online businesses need more hard work. To achieve trust among customers it is crucial to understand the vitality of the platforms for doing online business. If the business is selling its products on a platform that is not authentic enough, it will never get a good amount of audience but the business platform is popular and authentic the business is more likely to be developed more easily and with less effort and time. This article has discussed some of the platforms that enjoy a great level of customers and doing businesses successfully:


Shopify is a Canadian e-commerce company, having more than 500,000 merchants using its platforms, the total net merchandise volume exceeds $45 billion. Shopify is an online business platform and allows you to do start your business right away by giving you tons of feature. This is the easiest to use a platform and you do not have to be trained or tech specialist to manage your online business using this platform. Shopify has used special software that grows when your business grows. It also allows offline shopping using POS system, it has great response rate and offers 24/7 customer support by phone, live chat and via email. Shopify plan starts at $29 per month, including all the features you need your business to be established online. It also an economical plan for beginners, which is known as Shopify lite plan and is available at $9 per month, this plan allows you to do your business using Facebook, accept credit cards and provides buy buttons on any website. shopify provides you with the features such as discount code and coupon generators, custom gift cards, social network integration, Facebook selling, targeted email marketing, product reviews, Google ads, and Facebook ads. It also helps you to manage your online customers by providing features like; third-party integration that allows you to connect to apps you already use, a customer relationship management (CRM) tools to manage customers and a content management system (CMS), to enrich your website with multimedia, blogs, and additional pages.


Magneto is an open source business platform that was developed in March 2008, and it has gained a lot of incredible success over these years. Magneto is one of the best online platforms for businesses, it provides various features like free social media extensions, usability, and manageability, it has unlimited customization option and it is open source. It also provides you with extensive resource library for demos, new plug-ins, customer management and everything around e-commerce store. It also provides with more than 9000 plug-ins and extensions to make room for scalability. It has a complex setup and it cannot be handled if the business owner is not trained enough. The basic version of this platform is free but the enterprise version costs almost $20,000 per year, the enterprise version is excellent for the large enterprises and provides the professional experience of e-commerce business.


Gumroad is a well-known platform to sell individual goods. It allows you to sell your products directly to the customers. The company was developed in 2011 by Lavingia, the company has received more than $8 million in funding since then. Gumroad is an e-commerce platform that supports all type of businesses and a large number of creators like, authors, designers, musicians, filmmakers, comedians and even software developers use Gumroad to introduce their business or sell it directly to the customers. Gumroad is incorporated with the special feature of a plug-and-play product and offers file hosting, payment processing, marketing of products, communication with customers and delivery of the products. Gumroad is an easy-to-use platform, and anyone can easily use it you just have to drop a picture of the product you want to sell and mention price along with the product and you will get a chance to sell your product directly to the consumer. Gumroad is an economical business platform, it charges you 8.5% per sale, its basic account starts at $10 per month.


Squarespace is another e-commerce platform that enables you to create most artistic theme-based blogs or pages for products that helps you to create attractiveness about your business among your customers and clients. It has tools that allow you to change themes and design themes to sell your products online. It is easy to use a business platform and you don’t have to master technology to sell your products through this platform. If you want to sell product through Squarespace you just have to click the arrow button on the top left for options for editing and drag-and-drop into the product section and you will be easily able to display your products to the customers. If you are a blogger then you have to manage your pages the same way, edit and start typing or drag-and-drop your pages in the editor. Its basic plan starts from $30 per month and price increases with the premium plan.


Volusion is an e-commerce store that is based on cloud-based software. Volusion uses HTML and CSS code that is not easily usable by everyone so you need an expert programmer to set up this e-commerce platform for you. Volusion is extremely SEO friendly and it helps drastically to get you a higher ranking for your product that has been searched by consumers on Google. It has a feature of social media integration which helps you stay connected and get your customer engaged with social media pages.  Volusion also provides mobile apps for iOS and Android to manage your online products on-hand.  Volusion uses natural interface that is instinctive to use, it is incorporated with inbuilt features like, coupon capability, gift certificates, affiliate setup and also advanced shipping. It has a great customer service that can help you manage your customer engagement and customer services. The cost of this platform starts from basic plan to secondary plans and the platform in indulged with highly complicated fee structures, it is relatively costly and its price can reach up to $900 a month.


Woocommerce is an e-commerce plugin for WordPress, it is opensource and mainly designed for small to medium-sized online merchants using WordPress. It was launched in 2011, September. The plug-in provides great ease for the business merchants as it is very simple and easy to use. This plug-in has more than 350,000 online retailers. It is used by a number of most popular high traffic websites like small press expo and internet systems consortium. It does not require any custom coding and allows you to digital download that enables you to sell your e-books as well as your real tangible products. It includes features like coupon codes and email marketing. One of the most important features of this plugin is that it is free of cost can be easily used, but you need to have WordPress website in order to make it functional and workable


It is a cloud-based online shopping application with comes with the unlimited option of product storage. It is designed to create an online retail store, .NET 4.5, Microsoft and other technologies, including Lucene, AngularJS, and Eliasticsearch. It has a special feature of achieving sales, a favorable feature for the enterprises enjoying strong growth. It has features like flexibility in terms of checkpoints, a wide range of payment gateways. The 3dcart a user interface that is incorporated with administrative e-commerce tools that can be helpful for the clients to manage their online stores.  It also provides a strong chat support as well as phone support. It is not very easy to use the platform and the software requires be installing and handling by a programmer. It has a free trial but with very limited features, it has five modules of pricing and the least one starts with $19.99 per month. It also asks for supplementary a charge which depends on your business.


Bigcommerce is the most easy-to-use standalone platform for your business; it doesn’t require any WordPress plug-ins to be functional. It is incorporated with various templates that can be used to make your selling experience unique and attract your customers. Bigcommerce also allows a feature to import all of your business details from any other platform you want to switch with Bigcommerce. Bigcommerce has social media integration and allows a seller to sell his product on facebook as well as on eBay. It is very friendly with the images you want to upload and also provides Google search for your image. It includes various management tools like order management, product management tools. It also provides marketing modules with coupons and Adword integration. It also allows the customer to use various currencies with shopping cart and provide 24/7 online service so the customer is never left unintended. The cost of Bigcommerce basic plan starts from $29.95 per month with 1.5% of transaction fee whereas the price of the premium plan starts from $249.95 per month. It provides most of the features at a very economical price as compared to other platforms.


It is vital to understand the importance of e-commerce platforms when it comes to online business. The selection of right platform for selling your product online is very crucial. The platforms allow you gain great trust among your customers and increase your profits. This article has discussed the best platforms that help you to create an online business and sell your products online.

Top Seven Platforms for Crowdfunding:

Crowdfunding refers to a process where a large number of people, fund your personal or business project with their own money. Crowdfunding is sometimes taken similar as a donation but there is a lot of difference between these two terms, crowdfunding provides you returns on your investments or funds you have given to support specific business idea or project that has to be launched. People use this method widely to raise funds for their new businesses as this is the most reliable and trustworthy source to raise monetary assets for your new business. Donations, whereas do not provide any physical returns on your investments, if the business is successful then it might be possible to get a small return such as; a gift by a newly formed business. Some of the websites charge for all of this procedure while some of the websites allow you to initiate as a free member and later they charge you, once your project is forming great importance among investors. As crowdfunding is gaining a great level of popularity it is very important to understand the credibility and reliability of the platforms, supporting crowdfunding, this article has discussed some of the most popular websites or platforms, supporting crowdfunding:

2. Kickstarter

The most popular website on the internet for crowdfunding is Kickstarter. It has raised approximately total of $220 million from $61000 launched projects so far. It has millions of users and thousands explore its listed new projects every second, waiting to invest their money to the most deserving project. Kickstarter does not support projects, such as causes, campaigns, charity, scholarships, and vacations. Other then these projects, it is open to any creative innovative and unique idea. The joining process is really simple and straightforward, you just have to sign up an account, then fill all the details about your project. It is better to give every little detail about your project as it will give an in-depth information about your project to the users and the investors, and they will easily decide whether to invest in your project or not.

  • Best Features: 

    It is an easy to use crowdfunding platform and allows backer reward feature: create a small return or reward with a specific price point, and if reward in being claimed by a backer, and he pledges the price, the reward will be given to him but only in the case if the funding is successful, (which means you have successfully reached your funding goal). This platform is very easy to use, the joining process is quite simple, your project is most likely to be funded easily as it has a great number of investors and users.

  • Charges: 

    Kickstarter charges 5% fee for every successful project, Amazon payment is used to receive the fund so the Amazon will apply credit card processing charges.

  • Downsides: 

    It only supports the permanent U.S resident with a Social security number. So, there is no chance if the project creator or owner is not a U.S resident. That means that the site is only limited to U.S residents and thus this platform is of no use for the residents outside of United States.  It requires 14 days wait to withdraw and deposits take 5-7 business days. It has limited email support hours and requires Kickstarter approval to launch.

2. IndieGoGo

IndieGoGo is the crowdfunding platform to help you raise funds and make your project go without any complication. The site’s layout is quite similar to Kickstarter, so it is easy if you already have been a user of Kickstarter. Indiegogo supports all the projects including donations for charity. It also is incorporated with the similar feature to the backer reward of Kickstarter. The backer r rewards feature is known as Perks in this site.

  • Best Features: 

    The funding plan for IndieGoGo is known as Flexible Funding which allows you to receive funds even if your project has failed to reach the funding goal, the website though will charge you a higher fee to use that feature.

  • Charges: 

    IndeiGoGo charges 4% from every successfully raised fund whereas 3% is the fees for processing the transactions through credit cards. It charges 9% for the flexible funding plan if you fail to hit goal and 25% wire charges for the non-U.S campaigns.

  • Downsides: 

    It is expensive if you fail to hit your target goal to raise funds for your projects, other than that there isn’t any downside for using this site. It requires a 3-week wait to withdraw and deposits take 2-5 business days it has limited email support hours.

3. RocketHub

Rockethub is an online crowdfunding platform, it is considered as one of the largest crowdfunding platforms in the United States. It includes three step processes to post your project. It also allows you to track the progress and status of your project once it is uploaded. It allows users to only go with the Fuel-pad if you are only interested in crowdfunding or go with the launch-pad if you are interested in launching a new business. Rockethub supports several projects including; music, science, technology, game developers, philanthropists, filmmakers, photographers, writers, fashion designers, and entrepreneurs.

  • Best Features: 

    Its main feature is launch-pad which allows Rockethub members to work with excellent namely brands, companies and marketers to support them raise public interest and get more potential opportunities for their projects. It gives great opportunities and plans for creative such as artist, musicians, and photographers, who need more publicity to be successful.

  • Charges: 

    If the project hits the target funding goal, Rockethub hits 4% charges and 8% for the project fails to complete a goal, in addition, 4% credit card proceeding is applied.

  • Downsides: 

    In terms of traffic, it has fewer visitors and fewer investors that can slow the process of fundraising. It also charges higher amount if the goal has not been achieved.

    4. Crowdfunder 

Crowdfunder is the website for raising investments, it solely increases your investment in the monetary form not in the forms of rewards. It is one of largest and fast growing platform of investors. Investors are more likely to join Crowdfunder as it is investment platform as it gives more rewarding return than reward-based companies like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Crowdfunder offers equity-based funding only from leading participant in the job act legislation.  The platform serves both investors as well as entrepreneurs. You can post any project related to business, technology to the social enterprise.

  • Best Features: 

    Crowdfunder offers an investing site and it will give returns in the form of investments, not rewards. It is an equity-based funding. It uses quite simple and straightforward layout and registration method.

  • Charges: 

    It charges 5% fee and 3% as a transaction processing charges.

  • Downsides: 

    It is an equity-based funding and only supports funding related to equity funding. It is not as much popular as Kickstarter and Indeigogo which mean that it does not have enough traffic and also limited investors so, it will be critical for the project initiators to achieve their target goal for funding.

    5. Crowdrise

Crowdside is the best platform for the creative and dedicated individuals. This website supports funding for the projects related to real-world issues than more complex technology-based business ideas. The investors fund for animal welfare, cultures, arts, diseases and religion. It even helps in raising the charity where most of the crowdfunding platforms do not support raising money for charity. Crowdrise also allows you to raise money for your personal causes, like your wedding, birthdays, or even college projects.

  • Special Features: 

    Crowdrise has a special feature known as Crowdrise points, the more people donate to a specific fundraiser, the more points will be gained. On the basis of the points, the fundraiser gets a rank and people get to know the best fundraiser or the organization that has made the best impact on the world. This is the best platform to raise the popularity and reputation of the companies and organizations.

  • Charges: 

    There is the flat 4.95% charge for the profit fundraising event, there is also some fee charged for the transaction proceeding. For the nonprofit organizations, the fee starts from $199 monthly that can be increased with premium accounts.

  • Downsides: 

    It is quite costly nonprofit causes. The transaction proceedings charges are not cleared. The fee structure can get complex sometimes.

6. Razoo

Razoo is a platform for crowdfunding the projects related to causes, it also supports the profitable business ideas and projects. It has raised more than $97 million for thousands of worthy causes. Razoo is becoming one of the best crowdfunding platforms. Razoo divides fundraisers into four major categories: individuals, corporations, foundations and nonprofit.

  • Special Features: 

    Razoo is incorporated with advanced technology and includes Donation widget and Facebook widget. This allows you to create any donation section in any part of the blog by fixing the widget into it. Razoo also provides a mobile app for iOS that enables you to manage your project in most efficient manner.

  • Charges: 

    Razoo offers most economical rates, it charges 2.9% of your total fund. There are no extra hidden charges for transaction proceedings and credit cards.

  • Downsides:  

    Razoo is not popular as Kickstarter and IndieGoGo and has less traffic compared to these two platforms. Its most of the projects are cause-related rather than profitable businesses, it is mostly used by social welfares.

    7. GoFundMe

GoFundMe is an emerging name among crowdfunding platforms. It allows people to raise money for their personal life events, like celebrations, weddings, graduation to challenging situations such as accidents or chronic illnesses. It is the best way to help someone with their financial disabilities and raising funds for their medical bills or education. GoFundMe is used by a vast number of individuals as it specifically works for personal causes that can help business owners to introduce new business ventures or take their existing business to the next level.

  • Special Features: 

    It is great to raise money for needy individuals, it is the best platform to work with social causes. It helps in improving lives of others and helping them through the most difficult times of their life. It has social media integration and is very fast and simple to use.

  • Charges: 

    This platform deducts 5% of each of your donations, and 2.9% transactional charge that uses WePay transactional method.

  • Downsides:  

    It has limited progress reporting, it can sometimes cause security issues as it requires an entire social security number.


As crowdfunding is getting popularity among new business owners and investors, there are platforms that support crowdfunding. Different crowdfunding websites use a different approach, but overall the purpose of crowdfunding websites are same; to raise funds for the new business projects. You post your business idea or project to a large number of site users or “potential Investors” and they will invest and fund for your project if they find your project to be innovative and successful in future. This article has discussed seven of the crowdfunding platforms that are gaining great popularity and success among investors and business inventors.